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The climate in southern Thailand is tropical, temperatures are between 27 and 33 degrees Celsius at daytime and 25 to 28 degrees Celsius at night. The hotest months are March to May with maximum temperatures of 40 degrees in Bangkok. Humidity is always above 90%. The sultriness and heat during monsoon season is tiring, but fresh winds from the sea provide some relieve.

Thailand is monsoon country. From June to November the southwest monsoon brings strong winds and heavy rainfall to the islands in the Andaman Sea. Huge amounts of water cover the land and make swimming and snorkeling impossible. Many hotel resorts on the smaller islands and boat traffic are closed.

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In the golf region around Koh Samui the weather is quite good during summer months. But from November to February the northeast monsoon can bring strong rainfalls to these islands. Even though the strength of the wind and the amount of water is not comparable with the west coast.

From December to April the weather is mostly nice and dry, high season for tourists, travellers and divers. Prices are significantly higher, esp. during Christmas holidays.

Southern Thailand has not experienced heavy cyclones or typhoons in the last years.

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