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Trang Marine Park Koh Mook (Muk) is a small rocky island off the coast of Trang province. On the east side, the island has a long sandy peninsula. Here lays a fishing village of the sea gypsy people and a coconut plantations. The village offers simple tourist facilities, guest houses, shops, tidy little restaurants, bars and coffee shops, but no ATM machine. At the end of the peninsula, beautiful Sivalai Beach Resort is the highlights of Koh Mook. The close proximity to the fishing village and the mainland result in some noise from longtail boats passsing the peninsula all day long.

In the southwest of the island is a large bay with a beautiful sandy beach. Since Koh Mook has no pier, daily excursion boats stop here to unload guests at Charlie beach. Like Koh Ngai, the neighbour island, more an more guests arrive at Koh Mook, either as day trip visitors or as guests for some holidays. Koh Mookīs special attraction is the Emerald Cave located at the steep and rocky westcoast. At low tide, it is possible to swim into the cave. Not much can be done on Koh Mook. Swimming, sun bathing, kayaking or relaxing in the shade of the trees is the choice. Day trips to Koh Kradan are worthwhile.

In latest years, Koh Mook developed a lot and has become a very nice destination to relax and enjoy the friendly little island and their people.

Koh Mook Koh Mook Koh Mook

Getting there

Fly to Krabi (AirAsia) and come by expressboat or speedboats via Koh Lanta or fly to Trang (Nokair or AirAsia) and take the speedboat from Pak Meng or Kuan Tungku pier on the Trang mainland. SPCThailand connects Pak Meng, Koh Mook, Koh Ngai and Koh Kradan from November 2023 on. A daily boat leaves Koh Lanta at 9 a.m. from Ban Saladan during season. It stops at Koh Ngai and Koh Mook, after some snorkelling stops are completed (this may take some time). Speedboats between Koh Lipe and Koh Lanta stop at Charlie Beach to load and unload guests.


On the west coast lays Koh Mook Charlie Resort with simple and comfortable bungalows at reasonable prices and a good restaurant. Unique in location and facilities is Koh Mook Sivalai Resort, a beautiful resort on a very special beach place. More small resorts are offered by local people with beach bungalows or even very basic huts for small money.

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