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Koh Adang

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Tarutao Marine Park Koh Adang is part of the marine national park Tarutao and the main island of the Adang archipelago in the southernmost part of Thailand near the border to Malaysia. The island is the second biggest and reaches a maximum hight of 689m. Adang is surrounded by only few narrow sandy beaches, but a lot of coral reefs and excellent snorkeling and diving sites. The same as the neighbouring islands of Koh Rawi and Koh Butang. Some mountain trails can be used for hiking though the dense jungle. View points offer excellent views over the marine park and the nearby island of Koh Lipe. At the east coast lays a small village of Chaoleh, who are mainly fishermen. No other people live on Adang and no infrastructure is provided. The island is very natural and covered with rainforest. From Koh Lipe one can do daytrips to Adang or the other islands of the Tarutao national park.

New government plans (2023) aim to make Koh Adang a world-leading tourist destination similar to neighboring Langkawi in Malaysia. The island is to become an eco-tourism destination in the next five years.

Koh Adang Koh Adang Koh Adang

Getting there

By private boats from Koh Lipe.


In 2009 the first and only beach resort opened for guests on the southern coast of Adang at the park ranger station and administration site. It is very basic and has little supply. Bookings can be made on Koh Lipe. Simple huts and tents can also be rented for overnight stays.

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