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Koh Jum

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Krabi map Koh Jum (or Koh Pu) is a picturesque and silent island 25 km south of Krabi and north of Koh Lanta. The highest mountain is 422m, covered with rain forest. There are three small villages with shops and quite good restaurants. They can be reached on simple roads. The people of Koh Jum are muslims, who earn their lifes with rubber tree plantations and fishing. Along the lonely and white sandy beaches in the south west of the island there is nothing but nature and space for walking and laying in the sun or shade of coconut trees. Koh Jum is excellent for relaxing and lazy days on a hidden and beautiful island that is not yet discovered by tourism.

Getting there

Fly to Krabi (AirAsia) and take a minibus to Koh Jum or take a taxi to Krabi Jilard jetty. The boat between Krabi and Lanta stops at Koh Jum during dry season. It leaves Krabi about 11 a.m.. You may also arrive at Koh Jum from Koh Lanta with the same boat on its way back to Krabi.

Koh Jum Koh Jum Koh Jum


Many simple bungalow resorts and huts from bamboo or wood offer cheap rooms. They are located on the beaches in the south west, partly under coconut trees. The Andaman Beach Resort offers some better solid bungalows. More expensive and more luxury is the Koh Jum Lodge Resort. All resorts have a restaurant. Electricity is available all day and night now. Room price range is from 700 Baht upto 5.000 Baht and more per night.

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